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rDUINOScope ILI9488 3.5" display

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Image of rDUINOScope ILI9488 3.5" display

This pre-assembled unit is best for people who don’t fancy DIY work, but instead prefer to have rDUINOScope done for them.

This unit includes:
- rDUINOScope Hardware - components to enable features;

What you need to do:
- Mount the stepper motors to your mount;
- Get a new Arduino DUE board;
- Revise the software and upload it to your Arduino DUE;
- Create a box and wire to your steppers;

It uses an ILI9488 480x320 px display in SPI, a bigger screen and less pin used.
Software improvements compared to the original version such as:
- Small code optimization to maximize speed.
- Joypad calibration at startup.
- Automatic calculation of the location's time zone with daylight savings time
- Possobility to append custom line of text to display custom "Description" on all sky objects.
- Options settings are saved on the SD card.
- Custom sky object can be added.

Continuous software updates will be released to improve performances and add features over time. Actually in development:
- Planets tracking.
- Touch screen calibration.

Github software source: